BBC2 Great Interior Design Challenge -The 'One Direction' Of Interiors


I'm like the One Direction of interior design, they didn't win but haven't done too badly!

Last week I became Runner up in BBC2 show, The Great Interior Design Challenge. This week is the beginning of a whole new exciting career in Interior Design.

The response has been overwhelming and people have been so kind and generous with their time and support my feet have barely touched the ground!

A particular highlight for me came just yesterday... Russell and I were perusing the lighting dept in HEALS for a project we have started in Islington, when a rather sheepish lady hurried over to congratulate both Russell and I on our fantastic work in the final. It's so great when this happens and you realise that people really were watching and supporting and that feeling was marvellous.

We left HEALS and made our way towards green park where we had booked tickets to the "Sensing Spaces" exhibition at the RCA. As we passed by the Burlington arcade I heard my name screamed from across the road...I looked for a familiar face but could couldn't see one "CONGRATULATIONS" the voice replied. It was a stranger...congratulating me across a busy road opposite Fortnum and Masons and it almost made me in point the kindness of strangers.

Anyway enough of the wet stuff.

So since the show has aired we have been inundated with requests and job offers, some incredible and some incredibly cheeky (I'm afraid you can't have our dog, and yes Aberdeen is a little far considering your budget is £500) but I wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your emails, answering questions and now, working on some of your homes.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the team at studio Lambert for coming up with such a great concept for a show and bringing interior design to the fore. I also wanted to say a huge thanks to Daniel and Sophie, who have been incredibly supportive during and after the entire process.

So Thanks to you all for watching and hopefully some of you will be coming along to the workshop at Daniel's studio to work with Sophie and Sarah and I to help create an amazing space for you!

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