Carpet Crusaders- Our Archive Adventures



From serving royalty, presidents and casinos worldwide to our very own lovely house, British Institution and world leaders, Brintons Carpets offered us the chance to create our own carpet. We almost feel like we don't deserve it. Almost. In fact what am I saying, after a year living in this house with no double glazing, no heating, bare plaster walls, a leaky roof and stripped creaky floorboards while we prepare for our renovations, we definitely deserve it. And what's more, we are head over heels in love with the history and story of Brintons. It feels like it's meant to be. 

So off we headed on a road trip out of London for the day to have an adventure in their archives. which date back to 1790, to pick a carpet to suit the period of our home with a rare opportunity to reinterpret the designs with our own colour palettes.


We did some styling and an event for Brintons last year after they invited us into their 'wonka-esque' factory to see the carpets being made. We were like kids in a sweetshop, dreaming of something soft under foot for our home. This year they invited us into their archive to make that dream a reality and we couldn't feel more excited.  

The team there are so lovely, it's like a family and this feeling is heightened by the fact that we were both born in the midlands and one of our mums still lives round the corner from the heart of carpet itself, Kidderminster, where the Brintons factory still runs. 


There we meet the lovely Yvonne, the keeper of the keys in the archive. There is nothing this wonderful lady doesn't know about carpet design, and any surface design for that matter. We could have happily spent days in her company just looking and learning but we had to keep focussed and keep our eyes on the two designs we were going to chose to recolour for our design house.


Tangents appear and disappear. Periods pass by our eyes and artistry, craftsmanship and history create a distracting, heady mix as we try to narrow down our search.

P3081252s.jpg P3081197s.jpg

We finally set our sights and our hearts on 3 designs from different periods, one of which is entirely Victorian and perfect for the period of our property. We may have found our winner.

So then we begin the process of recolouring and of course we would choose a design that has over twenty colours! 


P3081233s.jpg  P3081251s.jpg

As for the final result, it takes some weeks for the design to be made into the carpet as it is bespoke so you will have to wait and see how the install goes. We can't wait. 

It's fair to say that carpet, in all its fully fitted,  bold patterned glory is already having a comeback and we are happily making a stand for big pattern on your floors by slamming some in our own home. 300 years of carpet excellence becoming part of the story of our house. 


In the meantime, while we wait for our carpet to make it from the fleece to our floor, we will be holding a day of free one on one design clinics during Clerkenwell design week on the 25th of May 2016. Booking will be open soon so keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter and on Brintons.


Jordan and Russell x


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