Design Process: A bathroom makeover with transatlantic texture




From London to New York - A bathroom story with transatlantic texture.

A simple little project that turned out to be a beaut with lots of ideas that we hope you find useful.

Our lovely clients wanted to use colour and texture but didn't know how to pin down their ideas. In fact they had rather pinned themselves in circles on their own Pinterest board - an explosion of ideas that needed focus. And that's where we came in.



The client had a great collection of mid century and vintage Scandi pieces which gave us an idea of their personal style and plants were everywhere so we knew they liked natural texture.

This led us to Metallics (a natural texture) and soft blues to give a calm backdrop, with the added layer of matt and gloss tiles, subtly used above and below the dado level taken from the hallway outside to tie the space into the rest of the architecture of the house.

The floor is in the style of stripped original wooden parquet complimented by the industrial lighting.


The pale natural linen window dressing (on the mood boards but not yet fitted in time for our shoot) softens the look and gives that Scandi touch with the addition of the vintage pieces from Etsy, grounding the space and giving it soul.

Concept delivered = Happy clients and excited designers.

Then came the nitty gritty - The refit, this time made all the easier by the wonderful team at Castle Plumbing. It really is true what they say about a good plumber. When you find one don't let go of them.

Though small, this bathroom did require 'the works' in terms of stripping it back and starting from scratch. We put in a new ceiling, had it re-plastered, had the floor tanked to make the most of the tight floor plan, put in underfloor heating to save space on a radiator, all new fixtures and fittings and fully retiled. So the budget had to be stretched and we had to pull some tricks to get the finish we wanted!


Halfway into this process we also had a curve ball as the homeowner revealed they had had some rather exciting news and would be moving to New York. Apart from the obvious moment of extreme "OMG! We want to move to NYC, can we please come with you?!" we then had to work out a plan for the bathroom. Our couple had decided to rent their UK home out so that they had a base here if they decide to return in a year or two. So our brief had suddenly changed. This colourful, relaxed industrial refit was suddenly a rental refit.

By switching the vinyl backed linen shower curtain and custom brass railing for a frameless glass screen, we took the design from boutique bathroom to slick rental with personal appeal in one simple tweak. And luckily we hadn't yet made a start on those final elements. A change in the brief at the mid point of a project needn't be a disaster and often it is part of the fun that keeps the job alive.

2LG bathroom makeover


Here are some final shots of the bathroom...


  free standing bath   P2050721r.jpg 

  victoria plumb sink alana mirror    industrial bathroom lights


Shop the look


1. Vintage Brass Shelf - find similar on Etsy

2. Bulkhead wall lights, Industville, £79

3. Alana rectangle mirror,, £129

4. White chevron fabric, Ada & Ina, from £15.99

5. Winchester bath, Bathstore, £549

6. Prismatic Harebell gloss tiles, Johnson tiles, Price on request


When we first started out, designing for real clients was a shock to the system as you inevitably invest your heart and soul into each detail and fall in love with each new client. Much harder to bear the twists and turns of the client relationship in that situation as each change can be taken to heart. Experience has taught us to remain open to change whilst still firmly holding onto the heart of a project.

If you remember the story you have set out to tell and stay true to its character, it makes the unexpected plot twists easier to handle and you learn that they are in fact what makes the story what it is.

Jordan and Russell x

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