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Sometimes a product catches your eye in amongst a sea of other things and it refuses to leave your mind. Then, when you learn more about the process behind it and the person behind the design, that passion only grows. This happened for us with Dual Bowls, by Saffar - A collection of sand-cast metal objects that are truly beautiful.





"Dual bowls were developed from studying sand-casting and discovering new untapped potential for dual metal casting in Kuwait. By using simple decorative forms to push the limits of casting, to highlight the beauty of the distinctive imperfection in the process and the workmanship of the craftsmen."


Saffar / The tinker / A person who mends pots and pans. - Derivative of “Safar” good copper.


We specified one of the bowls in our latest residential interior design project, a penthouse apartment in Kew, launching on our website soon.


IMG_5533.jpg IMG_5319.jpg

Product designer, Kawther Alsaffar studied Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design, and went on to obtain an MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art in London. Her work is multi-disciplinary and uses storytelling and craft to traverse the fictional lines between art and design. Her work is about finding patterns, integrity in materials, and creating human connections. We are on the same page and we love the work she produces. It was so good to connect with Kawther in Milan last month where she showed her pieces at the Form and Seek event in Ventura Lambrate design district. Her bowls caught our eyes there instantly and we couldn't stop thinking about them. So when our friend and designer, Jordan Soderberg Mills (you may remember his work from our feature on Milan) emailed us about the Kickstarter campaign Kawther was launching, we had to tell you about it. The products are, in Kawther's own words, 'challenging the generic definition of luxury - promoting the local grittiness.' She needs your help now to get this product off the ground.


Here is the link if you would like to support her work or own one of her unique pieces yourself.

IG: @kalsaff

Website: saffarcrafts.com

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