Feature art instead of feature walls



For one of our recent design projects in Balham, we wanted to create a focal point for the living space without opting for the obvious feature wall. We turned to our go-to supplier of murals and artwork Surface View to look for a piece that told a story about the owners and finished the room.

Large scale art provides a moment of impact that we think is a bit more contemporary than a feature wall. Artwork can tell a story through imagery and showcase another element of the owner's personality, which is always our starting point when designing. For this client, the artwork provided a daily reminder of their favourite area in London, Soho. The map of Soho print was the final piece of the puzzle which pulled all of the colour elements in this room together perfectly. 


For the hallway area we had been inspired by David Hockney's 'A Bigger Splash', but had wanted a modern take with the same vibe. Slim Aaron's 'Poolside Gossip' had a cool, retro style that the client's loved. 

To see the full set of picture from this project, click here.


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