The First Evolution of Our Design House – How We Got The look



Over the past months we have shared with you the progress of our house as we renovate. We think process is such an important element of creating a successful scheme for your home and we are so excited to now share with you the first evolution of our design house. If you have been following this we hope it's given you inspiration and a confidence to do your own home. But for now, sit back and enjoy the reveal of the first phase of our Design House. This blog post is going to break down the elements and show you how we got to the finished look. We've worked with some amazing people and design talents to get here and we want to highlight their work to you to spread the love and inspire.


So, we've broken the look down for you into 9 key layers: 

1/ Wall-to-wall Wallpaper – Inspired by the house, what better place to launch our Perry Rise wallpaper collection with Graham and Brown. We've gone all out and put wallpaper not only on all four walls of each space but also on the ceilings. It's a statement look and a wonderful backdrop. There is a calmness and simplicity to using wrap around pattern. 


2/ Window Treatments – Go Oversized!

It's a cliché but we do love a bit of fabric, and there is so much out there to choose from its difficult to know where to begin! We tend to use a lot of plains/textures. For several reasons, not least because curtains can be expensive so it's good to pick something that will have longevity. We discovered the most PERFECT and we mean perfect fabric from Designers Guild. It's Called CHIMAY and the colour is Tuberose (it's Anna Wintours favourite flower you know) the shade is a grey pink mauve mash up. Sounds odd but it's beautiful, and the tumbled linen texture screams I don't care but I do... When it comes to fitting we always go large. Curtailing floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall to give the impression of much bigger windows and again a really luxurious feel. We chose elegant and understated brushed brass curtain poles (Poles Direct) from the signature range. Simple and timeless. We have used the same maker for years, Ada & Ina and their quality and attention to detail is perfection. We had a heaven cotton lining for the curtains, this helps them drape well. For the sitting room we opted for Un-lined relaxed Roman blinds. This look isn't for everyone but for us it's the dishevelled look we wanted. Not a crisp Roman blind. Because we went for no lining you get a little light and a lovely play of shadows. Also Ada & Ina have a great selection of hardware so we opted for a matching brushed brass chain to tie in with the poles! We are so pleased with the results!

You can shop the look here: 

-Fabric – CHIMAY - Tuberose

-Ada & Ina – Brass Chain 

-Poles – Brushed Brass Curtain Poles



3/ Go Bespoke – We knew that we wanted a console over the traditional cast iron radiator in the hall (we aren't fans of radiator covers) as it's a great place for a lamp and objects to give the hallway an inviting feel. As its not a standard size we went bespoke and contacted terrazzo queen, Olivia Aspinal, who we met at Design Junction last year. Olivia does amazing things with jesmonite, the new wonder material that everyone is talking about. It's somewhere between concrete and corian, but easy to use and can come in any colour you desire. Here we tied the colour palette in with our wallpaper and commissioned some inlaid motifs across the surface that nod to our wallpaper design for the hallway. It's a stunning piece and Olivia was a joy to work with. Her subtle mix of colour and texture is beautiful and the piece looks so at home. 


4/ Star Lighting – Lighting is like the jewellery of the home and we love to go big on scale and impact. CTO are an amazing new lighting brand that creates architectural pieces with an industrial luxe vibe. Here we used their Mezzo pendants in the hall, Nimbus pendant in the dining room and Sasha pendant in the sitting room with complimentary nimbus wall lights. The glass in these pieces is beyond beautiful like circular slices of crisp snow or ice. They add true glamour with an ethereal edge. 


6/ Upholstery Fun – we often see a one-off chair or pair as an opportunity to have some fun and push the boundaries of your interior scheme. You've got your sofa doing the hard work so why not have some fun with your accent chairs. Here we've used Helen Moore faux fur in pale blue. We found the chairs on eBay for next to nothing and used a local upholsterer, Jessica Meek, to give them their one-off new look. 


5/ Neon Personality – since way back in our teens we have had an obsession with Michelle Pfieffer's Catwoman in Batman Returns. Specific we know, but sometimes you need to get really specific about your favourite cultural references to bring some personality into your interior design. In Catwoman’s transformation scene (we can quote it for you word for word) she has a neon sign that reads 'Hello there' in her cute apartment and when she becomes Catwoman she smashes two of the letters in her rage and it becomes 'Hell Here'. We've wanted to do this sign in our house for many years and serendipity played its part, as it so often does when we got an email from new LED neon brand, Bag and Bones. They do amazing bespoke signs as well as stock items and we couldn't be more thrilled with ours. It gave the scheme some edge and stops it from taking itself too seriously. It is our home after all. There is also a cheeky little remote so that you can change it from 'Hello there' to 'hell here' with the press of a button. "I don't know about you miss kitty, but I feel... soo much yummier"


6/ New Design Edge – Dining chairs. Earlier this year we went to Copenhagen to visit Norman Copenhagen's flagship store. They were just about launch the Ace Chair by Hans Honiman and as soon as we saw it we knew we needed them! The clever and stylish design. It fits in the smallest box imaginable, flat pack and SO EASY to build. We chose a mix of Dark blue velvet and Lake Blue velvet. They are so comfortable, solid and look amazing. What's not to like! Ava Chair by Norman Copenhagen for £399.


7/ Vintage Soul – Every home can benefit from some vintage and antique pieces to ground the look and bring in some authentic soul. We went to our faves Layer Home to source some key pieces, they are an amazing resource that pulls together the best pieces from vintage sellers around. A stunning white corian dining table with Plinth base; a 1960's hammered brass mirror with floral motifs that echo our 'Joy' wallpaper design and the original floral coving of the room; an 80's coffee table in asymmetric natural stone and smoked glass. 

Perry-Rise-Press-web-9.jpg (£420) (£900) 

Perry-Rise-32.jpg (£1,850) 

8/ Finishing Touches – Google is Your Friend. 

Sometimes you know exactly what you need and as many magazines you look at or Pinterest searches you do, wrack your brains for brands you have seen... You can't find it. We wanted a huge convex blue mirror.... Pretty specific I know. Eventually (don't know why we didn't do this earlier) we turned to Google! We instantly (like the first image) found B & S Glass based in Hertfordshire, a really near family, they specialise in convex mirrors. Any colour, loads of texture and huge! Sheer mirror perfection! They are exhibiting at 100% Design this week so make sure you check them out!


9/ A Little Bit of Luxury Underfoot  –

Not everyone gets to design their own rug. Earlier this year we were approached by the handsome Simon from Floor Story about the prospect of developing a small collection of rugs. The popularity of wooden floors means that rugs sales must have gone sky high! People love the practicality of hardwood flooring but can't resist the softness and warmth a rug brings! For us it's all about scale, make them huge, like a giant island for your furniture to sit on. They really do anchor a space. Materials like wool, silk and even bamboo are increasingly popular. This is all hugely exciting to us and fits perfectly with our design house idea of making/creating everything for our home bespoke. We wanted to use texture and florals and a subtle geometric. We are launching the rugs this year at Design Junction but you can get a super sneak peek here in our sitting room and dining room!


Love Russell and Jordan x

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