Having Interiors FOMO?




Our antidote to #Fomo in your home – feeling the pressure and how to avoid it

Are you suffering from interior FOMO? We've all been there. You've just redecorated your living room or renovated your whole house and suddenly the colour of the year changes or your fave designer brings out a new must have lighting range and you simply must have it and now you hate everything you own because you want the newest or the coolest update!

It's enough to make you lose sleep.

We see it in our clients faces time and again. They struggle to find clarity, as they have so many ideas and feel such intense pressure to 'get it right' . So how do you narrow down the options and avoid the dreaded FOMO?

Put down that paintbrush for a moment and breathe. We want to help you to find your Interior confidence.

This is our antidote to FOMO in 5 easy stages.


1/ Your home for you 

star wars interior

Make it personal. Respond to your own voice and your surroundings. Time and again we meet people who want to impress their friends or get that wow factor reaction from visitors. But the only person you should be trying to impress is you. Make sure that your interior responds/has interplay with the architecture of your home. And don't be wacky for the sake of it, but actually look inside yourself for inspiration every now and again, not just at what everyone else is doing. It's good for the soul and creates a far more interesting home. So own your personality - if you love it, it's likely to have staying power. 

2/ Colour updates


There are whole blogs dedicated to just colour and for good reason. It is so intensely personal and can give such impact or create the most incredible atmosphere. If you hate orange but it's the colour of the moment, don't use orange, it's that simple. Equally, when everyone is saying no to lilac but it just makes you very happy then go for it and the rest of the world will have to catch up. Listen to your instincts. 

3/ Classic pieces 


These will have staying power and create the bones of your scheme. Spend a little more and get pieces that will live with you and evolve with you for a lifetime. This could be a curated collection that you keep adding to over years or a key piece of art or a star piece of lighting. Equally, if you have a hand in custom/bespoke pieces it will give you more connection in a personal way to your home. Don't just let every piece come easy. We are well up for a cheeky high street design find to compliment your scheme but let there be a balance of different elements to create something that has room to evolve. Invest in it and it will reward you and your home richly. 

4/ Vintage soul

RJs_House-22.jpg RJs_House-37.jpg

Vintage pieces can connect you to memories. “I remember that day in brighton when we found that vase”. One of our most treasured pieces is Paul the horse, a small royal doulton white porcelain foal that we found in a bric a brac shop and has been broken and fixed many times over the years, making us love him all the more. We also have two danish skipper armchairs we bought years ago that have stayed with us in various different incarnations (original tan leather and electric blue felt) and we still love them.

RJs_House-03.jpg Trilby_Road_web-03.jpg 

5/ Embrace newness


Don't be afraid of it. The latest, the newest, the trendiest can fit right in if the bones are right. A solid base can give you the chance to showcase any spontaneous new find or cushion or even an entirely new colour palette on your walls that is bang on trend, if that is really floating your boat right now. Get inspired by new directions, but do not be ruled by them and don't let them dictate to you.

So get out there, or stay in there for that matter, and whatever you choose to do, Make an Impact! Don't let fear freeze you and end up living in a non space to avoid committing to your ideas or being judged in the wrong way. Be you and allow your home to reflect that.

Jordan and Russell x 

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