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This month we were invited by and for a fun over-night stay in the all new Citizen M hotel at Tower Bridge. An evening of food, cocktail making with and a great nights sleep were all on the agenda.

We arrived around 6pm (although you can check in from 2:30pm) after a long day of site visits and studio work, and were greeted by what seemed like a feet of smiling faces, all dressed in red. It was like stepping back into the 1990s, in a good way. The Brit pop design with its classic red white and blue, and artworks featuring Robbie Williams was a real nostalgic throw back to that “queer as folk' era we hadn't realised we missed so much!

P7220118_copy.jpg  P7220059_copy.jpg

After a champagne and quick hello to our fellow journalists and bloggers we went on to check out our room. A swift lift ride up to the 5th floor and the atmosphere changed dramatically, the corridors all identical with dark grey carpets adorned with graphic print and rows of doors each branded with Citizen 501, 502 etc reminded us of classic novel “1984” there is a strange comfort in this repetition and the geek in us was loving the feeling that we may have arrived in a future world, where space is a premium and everything is uni-ft.


The movie references don't end there... “Welcome Jordan and Russell” was plastered across the wide screen TV. This only helped to concrete the idea that big brother could be watching! The bedroom felt like we were in the Film, The Fifth Element, as if a flying taxi might pull up outside our vast fifth floor window and whisk us off for a night on the town. There was a giant bed that filled the room wall to wall, (this was incredibly comfortable) blinds at the window that operated at the push of a button to reveal a breath taking view of The Shard and the River Thames. The bathrooms are tiny but incredibly functional. With a massive great shower head and Purple LEDs, what’s not to like!


We freshen up and head down stairs to be greeted with more champagne and a brief talk with the hotel manager who was clearly very passionate about the hotel and ensuring we all had a fantastic time. We then went on to challenge Snapchat with We Blog Design! They paired us off into small groups and we spent the next hour or so creating fun snaps featuring characters from the hotels foyer. The foyer its self was jam packed full of figures and ceramics with everything from gnomes to the slightly clichéd red post box. Lets not forget that for the tourist clientele this will be exactly what they are hoping to see from a London location!


P7220048_copy.jpg  P7220016_copy.jpgP7220031_copy.jpg

We then headed upstairs to check out some Gin cocktails with the London Liqueur Company at the cloud bar with the sort of views that make you fall in love with your city as if it's the first time you've seen it. With brand values to create delicious affordable gin this was no bad way to start our weekend! 



We finished our cocktails and headed back downstairs for dinner ­– canteen style – shredded pork with roast potatoes and onions was a welcome feast after all the gin and everyone was relaxed as the stress of a busy week slowly fell away and the wine now flowed as easily as the conversation. We finished the evening with more drinks on the roof and really soaked in the amazing views of our beloved city.



Around 1:30am we decided it was time for bed but got over excited by the great selection of movies. We settled on “midnight special” but at 10 minutes in we had all but drifted to sleep. We will now have to rent the movie to see what happens in the end!

Citizen M, we salute you.

Jordan & Russell x

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