Kick-ass Porcelain and Glass - Designing a light for our new bathroom



Bathroom lighting can be really difficult to get right. It has to have the right IP rating to cope with the steam in a wet room and to be safe near water, so it often feels purely functional and not decorative or beautiful. We wanted the best of both worlds and couldn't find what we were looking for, so it was time to flex our design muscles and create something special with our Design House bathroom as our inspiration. Time is always of the essence as we challenge ourselves to make our ideas reality as soon as possible.


So we teamed up with local talents, Sarah Colson (award-winning lighting designer based in Forest Hill) and William & Co (porcelain artist based in Peckham) to make a super designer/maker squad.

We have been following both of their work for ages and had always wanted to do something with them. This felt like the perfect opportunity.

IMG_7759.jpg  IMG_8256.jpg

As soon as we met up for a long black and a giant handmade sausage roll with piccalilli at Peckham's Refreshment Rooms, we knew it was a match made in heaven. It's always a nervy moment when you get to know each other on Instagram then meet up in the real world to make something together. There was mutual respect in abundance and very quickly the laughter and the creative ideas were flowing.  Sometimes the best things are the easiest and most fun - certainly in the early creative stages.


We shared our geeky passion for Superman's Fortress of Solitude and talked extensively about stalactites and stalagmites, futurism and cityscapes. As you do.

We also discussed the similarities between glass and porcelain, both made from silica, and how we wanted to bring them together and show off their beauty as a pairing.



This led to us exploring the processes of both Sarah and William and it became clear very quickly that extrusion was another uniting factor in their work. William with his extruded porcelain chain links, a constant motif in his art and fine objects. Sarah with her glass rods and fine fluted tubes. From there we began sketching and sharing ideas.

IMG_8239.jpg  IMG_7770.jpg


We had a very strong idea of how we wanted these lights to look and we cannot wait to show you what came out of this collab.

It's all about components coming together to make something more beautiful than the sum of its parts. Just like this collaboration. And it is collaboration in the truest sense of the word, a meeting of minds and materials and skills.

You will have to wait to see them in situ in our newly renovated bathroom very soon. We cannot wait to finally have a bathroom to enjoy and will be sharing the finished pics with you so look out for that x

*not all images are our own

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