Mission Milan Design Week - Part 1



Our epic week in Milan became a design Marathon and we wanted to give you our personal step by step dairy of how it went down. We hope the pics give you some major inspiration. Sit back and relax as we take you through the whole story...

Day 1

3am - We begin our trip with an early start, then a 2 hour wait on the tarmac in the plane as the engineers fix our plane to Milan. Not the most enjoyable start to our week, but we get in the air nonetheless and arrive safely, if slightly delayed.

Midday - We dump our bags in our apartment and hit the ground running as we go straight to Tortona District to take in our first shows.

2pm - We start with the Lexus installation by talented design duo Formafantasma – amazing futuristic installation, shame about the fish juice in the cup at the end (the less we say about this the better).


Next Citizen watches made a time installation that was rather a spiritual experience of light and music exploring the way we experience time as humans.


We then meet some lovely guys from manchester (@byhandstudio) who had designed an fab drawing table with giant coloured letters – a sophisticated way of feeding your inner child's creative needs.

Then on to the giant human lust molecule, made of pieces of glass by AGC. That's a first. I don't know about the lust part but 'Amorphous' certainly made for a beautiful installation. 

4pm - Next we met up with one of our design heroes, Sebastian Herkner, after a facebook catch up last month to book a time.


What a lovely bloke and what an incredible talent. His new Ample chair was the sort of chair that these two large men loved to slink into and it looks great too. Impossibly comfortable and elegant at the same time. A hard trick to pull off.


5pm - we walk excitedly to Via Savona for one of our all time favs, Moooi, and this year with a totally different approach to their showroom, we were blown away by the 3d print carpets and the new armchair, the jackson with its impactful backrest and textured retro feeling fabric.

6pm - We finished our trip to Tortona district with a random stumble upon a group of very friendly Polish furniture designers dressed as lumberjacks who invite us to make a mini chair and share some cider with them. An unexpected treat. Still not quite sure if that part really happened or if it was a hallucination brought on by lack of sleep.


7pm - With our legs nearly giving way at this point we stumble home and rest for a moment in a bar for our first Aperol spritz of the week. We then realise we have an 8pm cocktail party invite across town, but we are close to our tiny AirBnB at this stage and have a marathon week ahead of us. Sometimes you just need to relax in a seafood restaurant with your husband and enjoy the setting, get an early night and live to fight another day.

Day 2

8:30am Airbnb press 'Makers and bakers' event with sexy party decorations by glorious Bethan Laura Wood and some rather stunning deeply coloured Jesmonite vases by a very nice man called Phil...Phil Cuttance. Nice to make your acquaintance Phil. The food for the event was a delish start to the day at Ristorante Marta and the company was even better as we bumped into so many of our London design pals, including COADG and Fabric of my life.

9am Lee Broom press preview of his insanely beautiful new Orbit lights in his Milan Van with some fabulous ladies giving us Ghostbusters of interiors chic in their grey boiler suits.


10am We leap across town in a cheeky uber to catch Tom Dixon at the launch of his Restaurant installation with Caesarstone in the grandest of settings with huge wow factor and a new set of chrome lights that got us really excited.


11:30am Back to Rossana Orlandi, always a treat and such a special setting. Standouts at this show were the incredible Si light by BCXSY, a bendable lightbulb...yes people a long bendable light bulb! Such fun. We also LOVED the bold colour and grandeur of Scarlet splendour and Se (always so painfully beautiful) new mini whisper boxes. Cute!


Midday Wallpaper Handmade Hotel, San Gregorio district– our good friends Custhom were asked to be a part of this - beginning to get the recognition they deserve - and our new friends BCXSY smashing it with their light forest wall of illuminated slits of wood veneer. So fine.

1pm Frame magazine exhibit with Soderberg Mills amazing light bending glass/crystal disc giving us colour joy and Lucy Hardcastle hitting us in the face with accents of freshest yellow. 


2pm Then we spy Pinch Design, our fellow South London buddies just across the street– loving the electric pale orange of the upholstery. You always do your own thing Russell and Oona, and it's always stunning! For this we salute you.


2:30pm We bump into Sarah Colson, Elle deco award winning lighting designer friend whose workspace is round the corner from our house and coffee shop back in our beloved Forest Hill. Milan brings you the sweetest coincidences. We cant wait to see Sarah showing her new work with Aimee Betts later in the week at Ventura Lambrate. Another party invite and then we dash for an uber to get to our next appointment – an Ice cream social! 

3pm HEM, the new Finnish design brand favourite with splattered stools by the gorgeous Max Lamb, ice cream to match and the new Bookmatch table by the equally stunning Phillippe Malouin that has no screws and requires the human touch to put it together. 

4pm Via Palermo, time for a whizz round the new HAY showroom ahead of the chaos of its opening party later in the week. Never Disappoints and always a firm favourite with our interior clients. Loving the new Uchiwa Chair! 

5pm Dimore studio – our all time favourite, more on this another time, too much to say. Interiors as Theatre.


6pm Apparatus studio, via Santa Marta. Lustful lighting from Brooklyn that we have long admired and finally got to see in the flesh. So worth a look.

7pm With painful feet and wishing we had had time to head home and change we head to our first party and it's a stunner – Swarovski. Their new Atelier range is pure glamour, especially the pieces by Raw Edges and Fredrickson stallard. The canapes were like eating blue wax crayons but the champagne was flowing and the chat was too. 

9pm Almost dead on our feet but with a second wind after our champagne we walk across town, after an unsuccessful uber attempt to the Wallpaper Handmade party. They run out of champagne but it doesn't stop the design crowd from drinking the Aperol spritz sans spritz. Neat Aperol is dangerous. But we power through.

11pm We end our evening by invitation of the lovely Lee Broom at the legendary designers haunt, Bar Basso. We find chairs and decide we are never letting them go. Luckily we see lots of friends, including the wonderful Dan Hopwood and we relax into a long and fabulous late night of heated design debate over Negronis.


3am Perfect end to an insane day. Hit the sack with throbbing heads and feet.


Stay tuned for part 2 of our Milan adventures coming later this week.

Jordan and Russell x 

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