Mission Milan Design Week - Part 2



We hope you enjoyed everything we got up to in Part 1 of our photo diary! If you're ready for a second dose then read on for part 2...

Day 3 - the day of the big show

8am After 4 hours sleep we drag ourselves to the cafe on the corner in dark glasses and down 2 double espressos standing up, then devour cheese and ham toasted foccacia to revive our weary bodies as we walk to the Metro and make our way to the Main fair, iSaloni.

Having learned from previous years, we are selective in how we attack this whopping great show and only home in on halls that we are passionate about. It's still insanely huge however and we note some of the big upcoming trends of brick red, limoncello yellow, rough and smooth, clash, chevron, fluted glass and illuminated walls, floors and ceilings.

3pm We end up in Salone Satelite, where we find our favourite designs at the show. Endless new materials and new approaches with soft piano music being played, giving us life and make our hangovers slip away. We are particularly taken with the new eco materials of Henry and Co and the designs of Jonas Lutz. 


5pm We head back into central Milan in time to take in a few more showrooms and installations including the Lasvit lighting preview, with stunning brutalist lights by Andre Fu.


7pm Time to head home and change into our gladrags for the big party (luckily next to our apartment). We cram in a disco nap and then get dolled up in silly trousers and glam shoes. When in Milan! 

9pm We roll out of our apartment in painful new shoes and arrive at the biggest party in town, Tom Dixon for Caesarstone with Horsemeat Disco. Crammed like cattle we wait for our names to be ticked off then go and take in the amazing setting of the Rotunda Della Besana. So beautiful.


10pm We bump into the Ghostbusters girls again as the Lee Broom Milan Van has pulled up inside and looks particularly sexy at nightime so we ask if we can climb inside and get a selfie in the back of the most beautiful van we've ever seen. Stunning lighting, beautiful mouldings on the walls and a Kubrik-esque illuminated floor. Photo_21-04-2016_10_21_36_pm.jpg

11pm We are encouraged to hack chunks off giant slabs of chocolate on Caesarstone alters in the main venue with chisel and hammer provided and dance to Tom Dixon's band on stage. Chocolate in one hand, whiskey cocktail in the other.

12am We head home earlyish and realise that somehow we missed food altogether today and that the chocolate chunk was our only sustenance. Perhaps design was food enough that day. We sleep like logs.


Day 4

10am Dark glasses and a lay in. Espressos taken standing up at the cafe on the corner to take our minds off the pain of our feet. We head to the University of Milan to see the fab Seb Cox and Laura Ellen Bacon as they capture happiness in woven wood with their live installation, Along the lines of Happiness. The setting couldn't be more serene and Seb and Laura are like dry land in a sea of chaos. What a joy. We decide to let this pace and feeling take over our last two days, having hammered it for the first 3.


Midday Lunch with Design Miami Basel in a restaurant overlooking the stunning Duomo. The pasta was intensely delicious, the champagne was surprisingly going down a treat and the chat was so interesting. A great way to ease us into the afternoon on the design trail again.

2pm Ventura Lambrate with our friends Jemma and Nathan at Custhom, freshly back and tanned from their honeymoon. We stroll around with them taking in the industrial scene of Lambrate District.


We pop over to the showroom of Giopato and Coombes to see their beautiful lighting (one of which we are using in our latest project) and then to see Sarah Colson as we promised, showing her beautiful new chandelier alongside Rive Roshan with their colourful woven screen.

5pm Our friends head off to catch their flights home and we head back into town for the Flos party. Great lighting and even greater food and drink. Yes please. Beats chocolate for dinner anyday.

8pm Onto the HAY party and we arrive right on time as it is already getting rammed. We have a fantastic time with our friend Rosie and meet two wonderful ladies from Copenhagen who were trying to take a selfie of themselves but took a pic of us by mistake and then had to have a giggle with us. Only in Milan.


 12am Bedtime, flying home tomorrow, can't be too hungover.

Last day

9am Our last chance to take in the any shows we've missed and we opt instead to take a walk to the outskirts of town to see Fondazione Prada. And we are not disappointed.


It couldn't have been a better end to an incredible week. The entrance leads us towards an imposing tower clad in pure gold (we are not joking, it's real) and as we take the architecture in there is a feeling of terror about the place.


The atmosphere is cult like and so awesome that it inspires desire as much a terror. It has an unreal power that is so transfixing, it is our top tip and has to be experienced to be believed.


With its bar designed by Wes Anderson, its animatronic philosopher and its cardboard cave that was 3 years in the making, this place will stay with us for a long time as will the whole Milan experience.



4pm Fly home – back to reality, back to life, back to Buckley. Fried brains, shredded feet, but full hearts. Our creative pools refilled after another amazing year at Milan Design Week that felt bigger and better than ever.

Jordan and Russell x


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