Must have Vispring Mattresses with a touch of Missoni magic



With pattern and bold colour making a comeback in interiors, why not bring some of that excitement into the bedroom. For so long bedroom decorating has been confined to calm bright spaces with clean lines and serenity, but if you are looking for something filled with personality and classic impact, you can't go wrong with this new collaboration from one of the best in the business of sleep, Vispring.

The British luxury bed maker have recognised a new passion for colour in our homes and have been working with the renowned Italian fabric brand, Missoni Home, on a new concept in mattresses and beds.


We have just returned from Milan Design Festival, and Missoni Home were showing Monochrome designs with bright colour accents that are such a strong part of their classic identity.


So when Vispring showed us their new collaboration we just had to share them with you.

Perfect for that industrial space - Monochrome and Rust accent



Perfect for that modern white space - Rainbow bright



Perfect for that period renovation - Burgundy and metallics





Your bedroom just got exciting! 

The British luxury bed maker has launched a collection of limited-edition beds, upholstered in Missoni Home fabrics, exclusively as part of Harrods Art Partners – the project sees a series of partnerships between heritage lifestyle brands and contemporary designers.

The new designs demonstrate Vispring’s exceptional craftsmanship and combine its bespoke expertise with Missoni Home’s creativity and fashion influence. Magali Castillo, Global Marketing Director at Vispring says: “Missoni Home’s style is characterised by a distinct use of colours and original patterns that celebrate vitality, positive energy and the beauty of life. As such, it felt very intuitive to associate our brand’s ethos.”

‘Sleep well, live better’ with Missoni’s wittiness.

Upholstered in Missoni Home’s emblematic fabrics - from the classic black and white ‘Tobago’ to the playful rainbow-like ‘Siena’ and the key Greek motif-inspired ‘Santafe’ - the beds are displayed on the third floor of Harrods and showcased as part of an artistic installation in the store’s Brompton Road windows.

The Vispring and Missoni Home range is available exclusively at Harrods from 10th April until 7th May 2017.

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