Peperomia - Spring green still life


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Plant of the month for April, Peperomia has a restrained simplicity that is effortlessly charming. 

It is not the most high impact plant but it's shapely green leaves are perfect for bringing that spring freshness into your home. We've collaborated with The Joy Of Plants to showcase Peperomia this Spring. 


peperomia peperomia

We wanted to maximise the impact of the tactile leaves by echoing their shapes in botanical fabrics and our own simple still life drawings. The more naive the better! We used a roll of roughly cut lining paper, some felt tip pens and some washi tape to put them up. It's a simple, fast and effective way to create some seasonal impact in your space based on one of our favourite houseplants. 

smallP3231557_copy.jpg  smallP3231547_copy.jpg



If drawing is not for you then you might like to try out our Macramé plant hanger made from inexpensive natural garden twine. It's a very humble hanger that's simple to make and it compliments the quiet appeal of peperomia perfectly. We bought twine and watched a YouTube vid to make our own as we are certainly not macrame experts, but we love the result. 

smallP3231508_copy.jpg  smallP3231514_copy.jpgsmall_plant_copy.jpg 

Not typically attention grabbing, we've put peperomia centre stage here whilst having lots of fun drawing and colouring in at the same time. And what a personal and happy display it makes. You can't go wrong either. Don't let your confidence about drawing affect you. The shapes of peperomia are so easy to capture and it's simply meant to be fun. Get your pens or pencils out and have a go.


Jordan and Russell x

*This post was sponsored by The Joy Of Plants*


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