Pimp My French - Furniture re-imagined (Vote for us!)


Hello 2LGers! Here’s a little something we’ve been working on for Out There Interiors as part of their Charity furniture upcycle challenge, #PimpMyFrench.

A select group of bloggers and designers were asked to take a classic french piece of furniture, a hall drawer bench, and re-imagine it to show what can be achieved with a little creativity. The winner to be voted for by you, and the final pieces to be auctioned off for charity. Here’s what it looked like when it arrived:

Our minds were full of ideas and we got to work very quickly planning out a total re-invention of the function of this piece, with several out there sketch ideas along the way:

We knew we wanted to add some elements that were totally alien to the original piece, updating its look, so we thought of metal tubing, a total contrast and modern twist. For this part we invited our friend Primary Grey to meet with us and discuss the possibilities with metal work. And so a collaboration was born. We used scrap brass tubing from his workshop to add a contemporary visual and functionality to the piece and painted it in Dulux Sapphire to give it our signature bold colour stamp.

The final piece is a modern classic. We made a hall set with shoe storage, a seat to perch on whilst you tie your shoes, a plant area to make you smile and a separate umbrella stand made out of the original drawer turned on its side. If you love it then please do head to our twitter, instagram or Facebook to vote for us to win!

Buckley says, “Thanks for voting 2LGers”



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