Shooting our Interiors - Behind the scenes with 2 Lovely Gays



Kicking off 2017 at full pace, we wanted to share with you a little behind the scenes action to let you in on our process - A huge part of our work is never really seen. We are all guilty of sharing just the perfect image so we wanted to share a little bit of what goes on at a 2LG shoot! The interior design process is a long one and in this project (we met these clients back in September 2014!) it's no different. It's a four story town house that was split into 4 apartments, now restored to one family home. Working with Architects and contractors as well as joiners, tilers, textile designers and artists to create a bespoke home - we are super proud of the final result. So the shoot is one of the best parts of our work. Yesterday we spent a long day shooting the results and we can't wait to share it with you. But before we do, just to tantalise you, here's how the day went down.



There is no great shoot without a great photographer. We have been working with Megan for around 5 years ( we met through a mutual pal at our very own coffee house (we own St .David’s Coffee House in Forest Hill with a dear friend). Meg actually shot our wedding and we found her to be amazing and personable and so easy to work with. We soon became great friends and have since developed an amazing working relationship. Meg has shot almost every project of ours from interior shoots, to magazine shoots to commercial work. She has shot everything from National Trust properties to Mary Berry’s book cover! Having a great photographer captures the vision we had in our mind at the start of the project. We have developed a short hand that means we work quickly, but also have lots of fun and get the best results. Meg, we love you and without your amazing talent we wouldn't be able to share the work that we do!


Before the shoot we always go to New Covent Garden flower market. It's amazing, we love the early morning drive (usually ‪4am) and it's often a surreal trip! It's by far the best and most affordable way to buy flowers and plants for shoots. You can basically buy anything and if they don't have it they will get it for you - everything from trees to tiny cacti. They can get it for you. If you are going, remember it's a wholesale place so you have to add VAT onto the price they tell you! Doing this the day before means we get the best of the best and at their freshest.


So we have the flowers, the plants and the photographer. The next bit is really dull but so essential. The house or property is given a deep clean to make sure everything is sparkling and there are no signs of ever having been filled with builders! Ironing is next and can take hours! In a house that has four bedrooms that soon adds up... 16 pillows 4 quilts 4 sheets etc etc... but good preparation means good results! In this case we did it the day before just to maximise the daylight on shoot day!


IMG_6715.jpg IMG_6879.jpg

So everything's clean and everything's crisp and we are ready to shoot. This is our favourite part. There are hours of tweaking. Move that cushion an inch to the left, that leaf on the tulips needs to stand up... dongling (that’s what we call using the reflector to get more light) we are often in very precarious positions crammed in a corner or in a bath holding a light but it's so much fun! Making beautiful pictures of rooms and houses is often so different to how they are in the flesh. Something's too close to camera or too far away. We have a very clean look when it comes to styling... we often start with more and keep taking things away. One less cushion, no pile of books with a rose and lit candle, and no tray of hot coffee with a boiled egg on a bed. We have developed this over the last few years and it's important that we are still able to play and experiment when on a shoot. Always allow the opportunity to change and listen to your photographer. But most of all have fun!

Can’t wait to share this one with you and we really hope you love it as much as our clients and we do!

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