Tropical Maximalism - How to style your home for Summer



More is More this month as we team up again with the Joy of plants to bring you the latest must have houseplants for early summer - Medinilla, Gloriosa and Anigozanthos! These tropical flowering plants are giving us life right now and here's some ideas on how to use them in your house. 


We got some simple terracotta pots from our local garden centre and raided our studio for paint sample pots, spray cans and leftover paints. We then got happy with some masking tape, brushes and permanent black marker pens to add graphic detail.

Taking inspiration from our eighties roots we've added some punch to our pots.

smP3231533.jpg smP3231609.jpg

smP3231592.jpg smP3231537.jpg

This month's hot trio of Medinilla, Gloriosa and Anigozanthos would look perfect in this set up with their colourful and structural blooms.


smP3231688.jpg smP3231682.jpg

The plants are the centre piece of this vibrant set up and the styling takes those colours one step further. More is more when it comes to getting your home ready for summer. The colours are bold, the shapes are strong and the patterns are on point - and when you let loose with tropical houseplants you can throw the rules out of the window and enjoy yourself. This look works best when you aren't afraid to mix it up.

If you can't get your hands on Medinilla, Gloriosa or Anigozanthos, you can use any tropical flowering house plants just like we have done below. smP3231668-copy.jpg

Here we've used that old classic, the peace lily, to give a jungle like backdrop for the more punchy specimens. Layering up the look with the fine detail of the tiny white jewel orchid flowers, and the depth of their colourful foliage. 

The metallic wallpaper echoes those tropical foliage vibes in the most fabulous way and the powerful orange plinth stool gives a strong sculptural element that grounds the space and adds drama.

Quite literally putting these tropical flowering plants on a pedestal where they deserve to be. 

Jordan and Russell x

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