Rooms in Bloom - The power of using flowers when styling your interior


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Flowers make us very happy here in the 2LG studio and no project of ours would be complete without a bunch of something lovely in the final styling. It's very rare that we don't have blooms in our own home too on a regular basis, especially since our home is currently a bit of a metaphorical bombsite, pre-renovation. Flowers can lift a scheme and your spirits and we wouldn't be without them. Shoes come a close second, but that's a whole other story! 

So in these cold winter months, as we look forward to spring, we wanted to talk about how we like to use flowers and hopefully give you some ideas too. There is a flower for every occasion, every colour palette and as you know, colour is very important to us in our design work.

styling with flowers  stylng with flowers

Our current garden is a constant source of inspiration as it's previous owner was clearly a keen florist. The once neat, but now overrun potting shed at the end of the garden makes us want to be better gardeners and the overgrown borders filled with carefully curated foliage and flowers are the gift that keeps on giving. So we often take the outside in, literally, in our own home. Cutting armfuls of unknown beauties and letting the seasons guide us on what to fill the house with, except for that one time we had a christmas shoot here in mid summer. 

But if you don't have your own garden or if you want more exotic blooms there are lots of other options cropping up lately. Flower deliveries have moved on and we are in love with the new delivery service, Bloomon. If you haven't yet tried them they are off the chart. They arrive curated in their own glass vase and have a whimsical joy all of their own. So individual, they could fit happily into any eclectic interior and hold their own.

bloomon review

bloomon review  blooon review

If you are more into curating your own collections to fit with your specific look then artificial flowers could be for you. Yes we said minds people, open minds. With the likes of the lovely Abigail Ahern championing a new wave of superior artificial options it might be time to shake the dust off your preconceptions and take another look at that bunch of silk flowers. Last week we were invited to do just that by Homesense, our guilty pleasure for home accessories, and try out a flower arranging class mixing their artificial flowers with real flowers to very convincing effect.

styling with flowers

The beauty of this approach is that you can collect some artificial staples - the huge hydrangea heads and blousy peonies were our favourites – and mix them in with any choice of real flowers to make a luxurious layered display. Great for a classically decorated space but also nicely unexpected in a minimal space.

Check them out for yourselves and see if you can see the difference. We think it's a great option and a cool way to keep it fresh, so to speak.

And of course there is some eucalyptus in there to give it some clean modern luxury. Sometimes a huge bunch of eucalyptus is enough all on its own. In fact, we often like the clarity of a huge bunch of a single variety to give big impact. This is perfect if you like a cleaner, more contemporary look. It's also easy and gives a room that sense of 'I don't give a shit', while the careful selection of colour shows that you really do.

using flowers in interiors

 Somehow a room never seems finished without a bunch of flowers so go heavy with the hydrangeas, get riotous with those roses, prance with your peonies. For us, more is more and, for the moment it seems, faux is on fire. 

Jordan and Russell x


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