The WC of Joy



In the words of Julie Andrews, let's start at the very beginning - the downstairs WC. Or as we like to call it the WC of joy. 

With our enormous renovation project ahead of us it can feel equally exciting and daunting at times.  

So, we are tackling our first bite sized chunk of the project, inspired by our mums. Both of whom took great joy in our childhoods decorating their downstairs toilets in ever wilder and busier patterns and one of whom told us that she wouldn't visit us in our new house again until we had a nice toilet downstairs. And by nice, she meant, not freezing, dark and more than a little scary, as it was when we moved in. 


1950s house  1950s house

It was instilled in us at an early age that the downstairs toilet is a small but important space for guests and it is a space to have fun and give visitors a little treat. A moment of major impact and a bold glimpse of your personality. It is so very British, the idea that you should only really show off your personality in the water closet, and we certainly won't be keeping it just for that room, but while we are working on the rest of the property we are very happy to embrace the idea of small space, big impact.  

One of our inspirations was the Marmoreal bathroom designed by Max Lamb for Dzek Dzek (shot by Amanda Moore). Love the boldness and clarity of the vision for that scheme and we certainly want to employ that approach in our space.


max-lamb-marmoreal-bathroom-furniture-dzek-design-miami-basel-designboom-818.jpg  max-lamb_MarmorealBathMini_designboom_007.jpg

As we began stripping yet more layers of wallpaper from the walls and even the door of the existing WC we found a stunner of a ditzy floral from the late 50s underneath. It was so not us at first sight but it has grown on us more and more until we are obsessed. It's like this house has possessed us and we are enjoying the ride.  

1950s house

P1220458sm.jpg  1950s house

Around the same time we also made a trip to our friends at Bert & May with a client and whilst there we couldn't help but notice a reclaimed tile that stole our hearts. It stuck with us and firmly became one of the key features of the new scheme.  


Then we had to replace the drafty window, re-plumb and re-plaster to get the room ready for its finishing touches. We wanted to stay true to the Victorian period of the house with the fixtures and fittings, so the toilet and sink remain period. But when we show you the reveal (watch this space) you will see that there are some other periods and styles at play too - we just can't help letting those 80s glamour vibes creep in at the moment. 


But let's talk about the defining feature - the bespoke hand printed wallpaper that we are designing in collaboration with fellow South East London duo, Custhom wallpaper. We've become friends and worked with them on several of our interior projects as we love the simplicity and authenticity of their process. 


Based on the original floral that we fell in love with, the wallpaper we have designed with Custhom will be our modern take on a floral with a fresh recolour. Here's a little glimpse at the ideas we came up with along the way.

design-process.jpg design-process2.jpg

We cannot wait for you to see what we've done to the final design. It's something we are crazy excited about as it will be full wrap around including ceiling to give us that major impact with a nostalgic edge. 

Here are the mood boards we made for ourselves to give you a sneak peak, but look out for the full reveal and details of our wallpaper launch coming soon! 

1950s house 

In the meantime, we hope you are feeling inspired to make your WC a moment of joy and we'd love to see your pics so please go ahead and share with us over on twitter with the hashtag #WCofjoy !

Jordan and Russell x 

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