Wonder Closet



So you may remember a while ago we wrote a piece about our WC of JOY (you can see it here). It's finally here, finished and we couldn't be happier with the results! It's taken sooooo long to finish as we have been super busy with clients homes and our own wallpaper and rug launch that our heads have been spinning! 


You will remember that we were working on a bespoke wallpaper design with our pals CUSTHOM. As we developed this further we began to explore fabrics too and resulted in a great collaboration that we showcased at Ligne Roset... the wallpaper is available POA (you can view it here) enough of that for now. Back to our WC or wonder closet as we have re named it! We used the floral design on the walls and the ceiling to give real impact. It's like a little jewellery box! We also added a subtle ombré towards the skirting boards. We opted for a classic Victorian suite in white and traditional brass hardware. All topped off with a stunning 24 carat gold soap dispenser by VILLARI from our friends at Amara Living. It's a little extravagant but actually it's one thing that most people who visit our house will use or see.... that's our story and we are sticking to it!  Hopefully now that we have a beautiful loo, our moms will be a little more keen to visit! We hope you like it, and feel inspired to create your own wonder closet! 



Jordan and Russell x

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