Ecofriendly kitchen decoration

Ideas for environment-friendly home decorations

Are you very much conscious about maintaining eco-friendly living spaces? Well, you need to think about DIY home improvement ideas that are recyclable, renewable and helps in creating an eco-friendly home.

We have shared easy home maintenance tips that will help in making your home livable, lovely and earth-friendly.

Use eco-friendly wood floors:

When you are selecting flooring, you need to consider eco-friendly decorative materials.  If you are selecting wood floors, you have to select live green floorings like reclaimed wood, cork or bamboo floors. The best part of bamboo flooring is it is created from the stems of maintainable bamboo plants, so it is easy to maintain, durable and available at a reasonable price. The cork flooring is also created from a solid renewable resource. Some of its exclusive features are cushy, moisture resistant and sound absorbent. For wooden flooring production, the manufacturers ensure to use only the outer portion of cork trees. This way, the trees are left free for future harvests.

Cultivate greenery indoors:

Houseplants can be displayed in private and public places of the house. It makes environment-friendly home decoration statements which are both practical and eye pleasing. The houseplants can be used in any way either set up on the table, hang on a window or stand in one corner of your house.

Banner image of deep cleaning new home

Tips to deep clean your house & Lavender Garden Decoration

Are you thinking about how to keep your house clean? Well, it is simple when you follow our useful home maintenance tips and guide. We have explained how to clean each and every spot in your house so that you can easily clean the entire house in quick time.

Couch: It is an important area in your house where you should clean and tidy it on regular basis. This chore would not take a long time. Use the vacuum or brush to remove dirt and debris from your sofa surface. Remove stains. Also, clean the metal and wood areas. Allow the couch to dry after cleaning it using a wet fabric.

Glass stovetop: It is possible to clean it by using natural ingredients. You have to scrub the grime to give the brand new look to your stovetop. White vinegar and a damp cloth are more enough to clean any hard surface. Moreover, it is inexpensive and always present at home.

Scorched pans and pots: By using natural cleaning solutions, you can easily remove the burnt food from the pans and pots.  When the pot is clean, you can cook fast as well as more. Baking soda and vinegar serve as a multipurpose cleaner. It can also be used as a disinfectant.

Different types of Lavender to plant in your garden

Are you searching for simple DIY home improvement suggestions? If yes, you should read this blog and learn various ways to beautify your garden. Lavender is popular for lovely fragrance and appearances. As there are several kinds of lavender, you can plant assorted varieties and give a new attractive look to the garden.

Lavender field: Lavender is one of the best aromatic flowering plants that come in numerous combinations in terms of flower color, fragrance, plant height, bloom and time of color. It is necessary to grow them in a sunny area with neutral and well-drained soil.  The best part of lavender is it is drought tolerant. Most of the types suffer in humidity and heat. It is necessary to trim after flowering so as to encourage additional blooms and promote branching.

English lavender: It is a strongly scented lavender which remains a popular choice in the garden and in craft and culinary projects. It mostly starts to flower between late spring and early summer. It has sweet-smelling leaves that remain valuable for more than a year. The average height of English lavender is 2 to 3 feet. Most cultivators use pink, white and mix colors of blue and purple in the garden.

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