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Tips to remain prepared for a Tornado & Floods

Tornadoes can occur anytime in America especially in the South and Midwest regions. It is necessary to remain prepared by doing certain home repair services for the unexpected twisters. This way, you can remain safe and secure during the storm.

How to keep your house clean and prepared for the tornadoes?

Know the important warning signs of Tornado: Tornadoes strike swiftly and often comes with certain warning signs. The dark clouds remain as the clear sign where it will be followed with heavy rain, sky green tint, blowing winds and humidity. It can mostly happen between 4 and 9 PM. However, you should know that it can happen at any time. You should keep watching and following weather alerts. When there is going to be a serious hit, residents will be informed about the hit and warning systems. Ensure to follow the community notifications be it in the form of text message, radio signal or siren.

Design a safe room or tornado shelter: Most families select the windowless or basement room like a tornado shelter. It will be situated on the lower floor of their house. It remains safe and keeps the family protected from dangerous debris and winds. Whenever you hear tornado alerts and signs, you have to move your family to a protected place to stay away from the storm.

Guide to remain prepared for a flood

Natural disasters like a flood can occur with less or no warnings. One of the common natural disasters in the United States is the floods. It happens throughout the year when the rail accumulates or snow melts. It is necessary to make certain DIY home improvement plans to protect your family and loved ones in times of flood.  Ensure to safeguard important documents, prepare for an instant go kit, invest in necessary crisis equipment and leave safely if it is necessary.

Safeguard documents for the emergency bag

It is hard to think and organize things at the last minute. If you can see signs of severe flood in your area, you need to start arranging things that you require to move out. Some of the important documents you should arrange while performing the home repair services prior to flood are as follows:

  • Property records
  • Living wills
  • Insurance policy numbers
  • Family vaccine records
  • Marriage documents
  • Passports
  • Military ID or Driving license
  • Citizenship documents
  • Birth certificates
  • Prior tax returns, etc.

It is also best to digitize necessary documents and save them on a cloud-based systems like Dropbox.

Important supplies for the emergency

Develop a customized to-go kit with your family essentials like flashlight, extra batteries, multipurpose knife, first aid kit, bottled water, asthma inhalers, medicine, noisemaker, and a whistle.

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Home maintenance checklist

It is a big responsibility to own and maintain a house. If you are aware of right home maintenance tips and have right repairing tools, it is possible for easy maintenance of the house. Smoothly focus on the seasonal makeover of your house with our simple home maintenance checklist.

Just like our physical health, home maintenance should also be scheduled and performed at the right time. It is very important for wellbeing and upkeep of the house. Ensure to check the electrical systems, security, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, appliances and exterior to save money and prevent breakdowns. It also helps in maintaining your home in the best way.

The following home maintenance checklist helps in scheduling repairs, cleaning, seasonal updates and also a lot of monthly cleaning tasks. If you feel that any of the jobs is beyond your skills, you can approach a professional to perform the home repair services.

Monthly home improvements

  • Remove the dust formed in the furnace filter and clean the entire filter thoroughly. It remains easy to regulate the temperature of your home and also reduce utility bills.
  • Clean showerheads and faucet aerators to eliminate mineral deposits.
  • Inspect sink and tub drains for debris.
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, ground fault circuit interrupters and fire extinguishers.
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