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Know The Health Hazard Symptoms Of Radon

Radon (Rn) is a naturally occurring gas obtained from the sixth step of the radioactive breakdown of Uranium. Leading health authorities like WHO (World Health Organization) consider Radon exposure a health risk. Said by Julia from radon testing in Billerica MA

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) from the United States describes Radon as a carcinogenic substance. From a recent survey, the reports suggest that radon is a leading cause of cancer in non-smokers from the US. On the other hand, it is the second leading cancer causing factor in smokers.
It is hard to suggest any symptoms about Radon causing cancer. But still optimizing some accurate safety measures can prevent it. Further in this article, we will study in detail the symptoms, health hazards and their preventing measures.

Radon- A health hazard!

In the early 20th century Radon was used in beneficial health therapies like radiothorium. People started selling Radon containing drinking water. But it did not reach people due to its short life. Only in the late 20th century, scientists and health experts described it as a cancer-causing agent.

What makes Radon harmful?

Radon is a tasteless and colorless gas obtained from the breakdown of Uranium under the soil. The air pressure transfers this gas to the topmost layer of the soil due to its dense nature. This air then gets trapped under the cracks and basement of homes. Then it starts affecting people through the air. Radon is found everywhere, although it’s overexposure can cause significant risks to the lungs.

Major symptoms of Radon poisoning

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The most complicated concern about Radon is that it doesn’t have any symptoms. A human can neither see it nor feel it. One can only know about the problem when it grows big and causes lung cancer. People who live in the zone 1 area should strictly follow the prescribed precautions to ensure health safety. Zone 1 areas are the ones where the radiation levels are high and out of the safety limits of EPA. If a person feels chest pain, or observe blood in vomit, then he/she should rush to a hospital to prevent further risks.

Is there any diagnostic test for Radon?
Currently, there is no test to diagnose any health effects of Radon. So it is recommended to stay away from its exposure.

Prevention from exposure of Radon

A survey from the health department suggests that 1 out of 15 homes in the US face high Radon radiation levels. The Radon test kits available in the market for low cost can detect the Radon levels inside the house.
After buying the kit, it has to be kept in a place inside the house where it won’t get disturbed. After 5-7 days, it should be sent to the laboratory for further evaluation.
The suction pumps can be used to pump Radon from outside the house. Radon pumps can be installed to move the Radon gas away from home. By improvising the ventilation system, one can prevent hazardous gas from entering the house.

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